2018 Sheridan College Creative Campus Galleries / River Credits  
Toronto, ON,  Group exhibition, curated by Marsya Maharani.

2018 White House Studio / EcoFeminIsms.  
Toronto, ON,  Group exhibition, curated by Victoria Clough.

2017 Art Gallery of Ontario / Here, Now, Then; and Exhibition Marking Canada’s 150.  
Toronto, ON,  Group exhibition, curated by Andrew Hunter and Anique Jordan.

2017 Zalucky Contemporary / Onions, Life, and Hotdogs on Parade. Toronto, ON, Group Exhibition, Curated by Juliana Zalucky.

2016 Art of the Danforth / Living Rooms. Toronto, ON, Drawings, outdoor art festival, curated by Asad Raza.

2016 Galleria Shopping Center / Gallery Galleria / Toronto, ON, Fashion show for seniors, group exhibition, curated by Asile 4.

2016 Flux Factory / Fung Wah Biennale  New York/Philadelphia, USA Group exhibition, curated by Sally Szwed, Will Owen and Mattias Borello.

2015 Stantec Window Gallery / Chromatone / Toronto, ON Drawing/installation, solo exhibition.

2014 Montreal Insectarium / Traces / Montreal, QE Drawing/installation, group exhibition, curated by Han Zhang

2014 Art of the Danforth / Bloom in the Night / Toronto, ON Drawing/installation, solo exhibition, curated by Jessica Vallentin.

2014 Huntclub Gallery / Pollinate/Illuminate / Toronto, ON Drawing/installation, solo exhibition.

2014 Xpace Cultural Centre / Toronto Harbour / Toronto, ON Stop motion animation, curated by Cameron Lee.

2013 OCAD U Graduate Gallery / Low Voltage High Starch / Toronto, ON Light installation, solo exhibition.

Community Arts Projects

2017 Davenport Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health  Centre / Portraits of Davenport / Toronto, ON, A portraiture project with community members at DPNCHC.

2015 Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre / The Peregrine Project / Toronto. A habitat building project for the waterfront neighbourhoods.

Curatorial Projects

2018  YTB Gallery, FAG (Feminist Art Gallery), Public Studio, Margin of Eras Gallery / The Architecture of Care / Toronto, ON

A group exhibition  featuring , Yan Wen Chang, Kristina Guison, Tzazná Miranda Leal, Mani Mazinani, José Andrés Mora, and Diana VanderMeulen. Curated with Geneviève Wallen.

2017 YTB Gallery and Images Festival / Pick it up, put it down / Toronto, ON

A mobile screening featuring Tobias Williams, Alicia Mersy and Sara Graorac, Bonnie Tung, Toughguy Mountain and JP King. Curated with Humboldt Magnussen

2016 YTB Gallery  and Katzman Contemporary / There is no outside / Toronto, ON

Group exhibition featuring Callum Schuster, Tau Lewis, and Luke Siemens. Curated with Humboldt Magnussen.

2016 YTB Gallery / The Complete Unknown /  Toronto, ON

Group exhibition featuring Bonerkill, Britta B., Topher Kong, Sofy Mesa, and Wiliam Andrew Finlay Stewart.

2015 YTB Gallery / Escape Plans / Toronto, ON

Group exhibition featuring Katie Bruce, Paul Chartrand, Brette Gabel, Mary Grisey, Stefan Herda, Daniel Griffin Hunt, and Mary Ma.


2014 OCAD University / MFA / Toronto, ON Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art Media and Design (IAMD)

2011 Otago Polytechnic / BFA / Dunedin, New Zealand Major in sculpture, minor in drawing.

Awards and Grants

2018 Canada Council for the Arts, Explore and Create

2017 Toronto Arts Council Emerging Artists Grant

2017 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant

2016 Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artists Grant

2016 Ontario Arts Council Community Arts Grant

2016 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant

2016 Toronto Arts Council  Community Arts Grant

2015 Neighbourhood Arts Network RBC grant for newcomer artists.

2015 Artstarts and Toronto Arts Council Platform A Microgrant

2014 Sustainable Design Awards, Finalist

2014 OCAD University 3 Minute Thesis Competition, first place winner

2014 OCAD University Graduate Scholarship

2013 OCAD University Graduate Scholarship

2012 OCAD University Graduate Scholarship

2011 Dunedin School of Art award for excellence in sculpture


2018 Art Attack / Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto

2018 Timeraiser Toronto / Powerplant, Toronto


2018 Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity / Outdoor School / Banff, Alberta, Lead by Amish Morrell, Diane Borsato, and Tania Willard

2017 Artscape Gibraltar Point / Winter Island Emerging Artist Residency / Toronto, Ontario, lead by Andrew Lochead

2013 School of Making Thinking / Summer Hiking Residency / New York, New York


Co-founder and Co-director of Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery - with Humboldt Magnussen


2017 Madeline Collective - How to Make Art for Bees produced by CBC and OCADUniversity, August 2017.

2017 Hampton, Chris,  Van serves as roving art gallery for video creators in Images Festival Review, Toronto Star, April, 2017.

2016 Cochrane, Kristen, Get in Formation for Toronto’s Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery Review Amuse blog and Vice, July 2016.

2016 Lyle, Eric, Fung Wah Biennial, Review, Art in America, July, 2016.

2015 Peters, Diane, Now Open, Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery, Review, Toronto Star, July 2015.

2014 Mullin, Morgan, Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery, Review, Now Magazine Toronto, December 2014.

2014 Wray, Britt, Toronto Harbourfront, Review, Xpace Cultural Centre, February 2014.

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